Onet’s Tale synopsis

Onet's Tale is the classic tale of good versus evil with a lot of twists along the way. Onet an ancient being whose sole purpose is to trap and remove the evil he awaits, is the story teller. The story takes us across the cosmos as our hero's, transformed into magnificent berserker warriors are caught up in an ancient intergalactic power struggles between the Alliance of Planets led by a consortium of Human and Nephile nations, and their arch enemy the Drana Empire who use Onet's own kind the Khaz to do their spying and to carry out their evil intent across countless worlds. Just when Onet finally believes he has captured his evil foe, the story changes yet again for the worse…

5 thoughts on “Onet’s Tale synopsis

  1. Good vs. Evil… I just hope somewhere out there is a valiant writer with a poison pen who lies somewhere between my favorite authors, Jonathan Swift (A Modest Proposal-Genius!) and George Orwell who will take the insanity that is America and put it into a novel, more likely a series of them. Yes, Trump is without a conscience. But he is merely the tip of an iceberg so firmly rooted in the Country that Nicolas Machiavel would have taken notes.

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