Badly thought-out plan…

Our new government seems to be making some very curious decisions. With their plan to wipe out the obligatory retirement age of 65, one the one hand, and boost it to age 66 on the other,plus allow the older generation to continue working, where does that leave the young people, in terms of getting into the ‘workforce’? Where are the jobs going to come from for them – thin air?

The banks created the world-wide recession, not the man and woman on the street, and yet the government wants us to be the ones to pay for the country’s monetary black hole.

The one thing that this new coalition government has to remember is that this country had a revolution over a similar monetary fiasco in the 16th century. Granted, that one was brought on by a monarch who thought he was God’s representative in the UK.

But for monarch, substitute Global bankers, big business, greedy investors – these are the people who should be fixing the financial crisis, after all it was ‘tax payers’ money that bailed them out immediately after the recession hit…

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