Battlefield Bad Company 2 – not as good as the first…

Once again we are re-acquainted with Marlow, Sweetwater, Sarge, and my favourite character Hags aka Haggard – don’t call him Gordon. I loved the original Battlefield Bad Company game. This one however has a few bad points to contend with.

1. You no longer have the full maps to explore; instead you are required to travel through narrow corridors on each map – very annoying.
2. There are far to many ‘cut scenes’ in this latest game.
3. As your character (Marlow), you act as sniper, but you cannot go prone, a fault in the first game as well.
4. Unlike the original game, the humorous banter between Hags and Sweets is gone. In this game Haggard has become surly.

On the plus side, turn off all the assists and go through the game on the highest difficulty level. If you are running the sound through a 5.1 system, or better, set it up for a sound level named ‘War Tapes’. This gives you a really enhanced sound compared to ordinary stereo or home cinema.

Here’s hoping that if and when DICE come up with another Battlefield game, they will revert to full maps and bring back the old Haggard and Sweets…

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