Does an author really write a story?


Have you ever stopped to wonder how a story makes it to the page? As a reader looking in from the outside, you get caught up in the story, its characters, their foibles, their thoughts and desires. But does the author really create the story or does he/she go along for the ride like you the reader?

I firmly believe that the author is in reality an exploring reporter. The characters and events unfold before the authors eyes; all he/she does is record them for posterity; nudge them down a particular path to see what will happen.

Every story has a starting point firmly fixed in the author’s mind. But after that, it’s up to the characters to take the author along with them as an observing scribe recording their adventures, disappointments, delights, apprehensions etc, etc.

In life, you have a fixed starting point; in your case the time of your birth. Where you go and what you do during your lifetime is governed by a mix of opportunities fate and chance meetings. The same can be said for that story which is unfolding before your author’s eyes.

In the story, the characters determine through their actions what will happen next. The world they inhabit lays the ground rules for the way they behave. Chance meetings within that world can and do change the way the stories’ characters react to one another and the events portrayed.

So, in my humble opinion, all the author is in reality is the very first person to read the story created by the characters. He/she has gone along for the ride just like you the reader. But unlike you, the author at least had some small part in the story by recording it for you. After all, the characters couldn’t do it; they were too busy living it…


Jack Eason – author of Onet's Tale

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  1. Nice concept Jack. I tend to agree. I plan my stories quite thoroughly, be it in my head or if the story is long, on a spreadsheet…but surely it is the same journey? Well said, mate.


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