Writer’s Block

We all get it at some time or other. I have it right now. While I have almost reached 50,000 words in my latest novel, despite all my research, my notes, my storyline – my mind has gone completely blank for the moment – doh!

To completely take my mind of my new storyline over the past few days, I fired up my PS3 and played a couple of games; watched a couple of movies I bought a while back; read some more of Derek Haines latest book “Vandalism of Words”; watched some TV; fed the birds in my back garden – anything to reboot my mind. Has it worked? Has it hell as like – double doh!

Even writing this isn’t helping matters, merely exacerbating the problem – triple doh! So what happens now? Nothing, that’s what – absolutely nothing! On a plus note, I watched the Military Tattoo last night on the BBC – a thoroughly enjoyable hour. I love military bands and Scottish Pipe bands especially.

Now all I need is for my muse to come back. If you see it, please turn it right around and send it back to me pretty please…


Jack Eason – author of Onet's Tale

Blog: http://akhen1khan2.blogspot.com/

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