Where does dust live?


Nature abhors the vacuum cleaner


Why is it that despite all your best efforts, as quickly as you remove dust and other assorted detritus, it can’t stand the fact that you have just removed its brethren with either the vacuum cleaner or by the judicious use of the dustpan and brush? More to the point, why is it that your hair silently sneaks off of your head or other parts of your body and forms itself into untidy masses in the corners of the room, or beneath each and every piece of furniture you possess?

I have a theory which I would like to regale to you if you have the time. After a lifetime of living with the stuff, I am of the opinion that dust, dirt, discarded bodily hair and the like, are in reality aliens in disguise. There I’ve said it. Now you can make that phone call to the men in white coats to come and take me away.

But before you do, consider this; no matter how house proud you may be, however hard you wage war on the pesky little beggars, they always reoccupy their place in your home when your back is turned. Don’t believe me? Then look out of the corner of your eye moments after you have just sucked them up in the vacuum cleaner. If you have sunlight beaming down through your windows you will see the little blighters parachuting in on those self same sunbeams. When the weather is cloudy you can’t see them reappear until it is too late.

Clean the house before you go to bed, and by morning they are back once more sniggering to themselves, hiding under the sofa, or idly rolling about on the merest zephyr of air, defying you to try to remove them ever again.

Since our ancestors first trod the earth, dust and the like have also cohabited with us. Why look to the stars for alien life when it is alive and living alongside us in our homes, hiding in every corner, nook and cranny of our existence. No matter how hard we try, dust and its many other cohorts are here to stay. Dust has silently colonised the world. It has successfully invaded and won…   

Jack Eason – author of Onet's Tale

Blog: http://akhen1khan2.blogspot.com/


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