The day my laptop caught a cold


Yesterday afternoon while I was surfing the net for something or other, I inadvertently opened the webpage from hell. Before I knew it my poor little laptop had contracted a dread disease in the form of malware.

Despite rapidly trying to prevent the unwarranted intrusion into my laptop’s hardrive, I was way too late. My proprietary spyware and computer antivirus system did nothing except complain. Did it seek out the intruder? No. All it did was state the bleeding obvious – you have been invaded!

I rapidly disconnected my laptop from my provider and then tried to get my antivirus system to search and destroy – fat chance. All it concluded after scanning my laptops system was that all was running as normal.

Foolishly believing what it told me, I once again reconnected to my ISP and then tried to open one of my files – my Facebook page. It tried but I was told that it was now classed as privileged access. In other words the damned malware had decided that all of my internet files were now off limits. If that was not enough, it also totally stuffed my proprietary antivirus programme. In short, its firewall was now nonexistent.

After once again disconnecting from the internet, I restarted my laptop. After inserting my password, my laptop sprang back to life, seemingly behaving normally, at least until I tried to get back on the internet. All my pages were still inaccessible. So I turned to Windows 7’s best feature – Windows Defender. Within a couple of minutes it had found and deleted the mischievous little beggar that was causing all the problems, giving it a swift kick into oblivion.

Now I tried starting my proprietary antivirus software – no luck. The malware had eaten it for breakfast. After about an hour and a half and £25 later, my antivirus system was downloaded and reinstalled.

Thank goodness for Windows Defender and its bloodhound ability to hunt out any and all malicious miscreants hiding away on your computer’s hardrive. I have one question however, why didn’t Windows Defender automatically leap into action to save the day and my bank balance?



Jack Eason – author of Onet's Tale


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