Ain’t technology grand?


A few moments ago I just had a three way internet chat with a fellow author of mine in Nigeria and with our mutual editor in Australia. Ain’t technology grand? It was not so many years ago that something like that was in the realms of science fiction and completely impossible.

A couple of decades or so back in the dim distant past, the concept of ‘conference calls’ via telephone emerged only to be superseded by video conference calls. Before that we relied on snail mail, then the fax machine until the concept of personal computers was fully and finally appreciated by the then major computer manufacturers like IBM, whose senior management firmly believed that the world’s population would never want to have a computer in each and every home. How wrong they were.

These days we have a staggering choice of computer programmes available that can put us in touch with one another across the world. In its simplest form we have the email system which is rapidly reducing the need for pen, paper and postage stamp. It costs nothing and is practically instantaneous.

Next comes the Web Camera and its attendant software, where you can not only talk to those distant relatives and friends, but also see them to.

What will be next I wonder, Holographic projection into your friend’s living room? Leave it to our collective imagination to work out technology’s next step in the field of personal communication. After all it wasn’t so many years ago that if someone had suggested that one day we would all carry a personal telephone in our pocket or purse, that he or she would have been seriously considered a candidate for the funny farm!

Whatever the next step may be, I for one, look forward to its happening…




Jack Eason – author of Onet's Tale


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