A Brief History of the Races within “Onet’s Tale”.
Nephile           For thousands of years, the Nephile, a dyeing race, have been responsible for bringing culture and learning to the Cosmos. Roughly eight-hundred years before the story unfolds, their arch enemy, the Drana found them on Earth. To strengthen the Nephile gene pool, and fight the Drana, selected humans were co-opted. In time the first Human/Nephile was born (Auramooth), from whom the hero of the story Akhen is descended.
                        Drana    The Drana are a warrior race, hell-bent on conquering the Cosmos. The senior
Commander during the battle for Earth was Hanseer. The Drana emperor Nagesh believes he is descended from this Drana hero. When on Earth, the Drana base of operations was the Indian subcontinent. After the Drana lost on Earth, the Drana Empire slowly but surely retreated to their home system surrounding the planet of Dranaa, from which the Drana emperor takes the title “Dranaa”.
                        Khaz    The Khaz are an equally ancient species who are able to communicate cerebrally over great distances. They are the typical small grey alien with large head and large black eyes. Onet is the last of the original Khaz, peaceful and much taller than the later variations, which have become evil parasites, working for whichever side suites their own evil agenda…

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