Are we happy Mr Prime Minister – no?
With all that has happened here in the UK in the last several weeks I begin to ask myself the question – are we really in a recession, or are we being conned? Are we being dragged back to a time when the average human being in this country was required to doff his cap or touch his forelock whenever an upper class twit entered the room? This is the twenty-first century Mr Prime Minister, not the nineteenth! 
Our government has managed to get its hands on a few billion to help bail out Ireland. While it breaks every election promise it made concerning the elderly and the poor, when they clearly promised to look after those self same people.
And now you Mr Prime Minister want to spend a few million on a nationwide survey asking the populace whether or not we are happy??? 
Prices for practically everything on offer to the consumer are rising steadily and are set to rise even more next year when VAT increases. 
Students are rioting over the massive hike in tuition fees being proposed for next year and who can blame them. If, and when the new crop of students graduate, on average, most will be saddled with a massive debt of approximately £40,000!
Regarding those among the population who are unemployed for various reasons Mr Prime Minister, instead of making their existence even worse than it is at present, why not forcibly encourage the businesses of this land to create worthwhile and financially rewarding jobs before directing the unemployed to seek demeaning below minimum wage labouring jobs, merely to make the government statics on employment look good to the world at large. 
One final thing Mr Prime Minister, please, please don’t emasculate this nation’s vital armed services. What use is a modern navy without a fully functional aircraft carrier complete with its fighter aircraft ready for action at a moment’s notice wherever it may be needed to help defend the realm? Plus, what use in an airforce without its jets and the bases to operate them from or an army without adequate, up to date weapons and body armour? 
Plus, think of the thousands of people and their families whose livelihoods depend on those armed forces bases and the personnel running them, who, if your insanity is allowed to become law, will join the ranks of the unemployed. 
The answer to your question about the nations happiness Mr Prime Minister is quite frankly no, we are not happy when your target the defenceless old and poor, and place our countries defences in a precarious state while kowtowing to the very people who caused all of the financial problems in the first place – the bankers!
Personally I am now firmly of the opinion that the inmates are running the asylum…  

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