Every now and then, a game comes along that is truly worthy of a sequel. Mass Effect is one of those.

Mass Effect 2 does not disappoint. It continues the adventure of Commander Shepherd with some of the old familiar characters from the original game. This time Shepherd and his/her crew, depending on what gender you create, are now working for the Alliance’s arch foe Cerberus.

Like the original story, be prepared for a very long game, this time with additional star charts to explore, once that is, you have purchased them from one of the many shops/stores on a couple of the worlds.

Unlike the original game, Shepherd has no love interest this time, merely a flirtation with a young female member of the crew.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Mass Effect 2, but a word to the wise, don’t be tempted to over save your game. I tried it and the darned thing corrupted the data, which meant having to start again. Far better to let the game just autosave.

Enjoy it, I am…