Every now and then, a game comes along that is truly worthy of a sequel. Mass Effect is one of those.

Mass Effect 2 does not disappoint. It continues the adventure of Commander Shepherd with some of the old familiar characters from the original game. This time Shepherd and his/her crew, depending on what gender you create, are now working for the Alliance’s arch foe Cerberus.

Like the original story, be prepared for a very long game, this time with additional star charts to explore, once that is, you have purchased them from one of the many shops/stores on a couple of the worlds.

Unlike the original game, Shepherd has no love interest this time, merely a flirtation with a young female member of the crew.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Mass Effect 2, but a word to the wise, don’t be tempted to over save your game. I tried it and the darned thing corrupted the data, which meant having to start again. Far better to let the game just autosave.

Enjoy it, I am…

Circle of Seven
M.F Burbaugh
A group of misfits in the guise of space pirates on the run from the Inter Galactic Police Force land on a planet called Vitore where morality and a rigid hierarchy rule. To their great consternation, they find they have landed on a world where magic, manners and a strict moral code of absolute truth is the norm. 
Populated by Magi, Elves, Gnomes, Orcs, Fairies, Dwarves, Dragonkelt and Yeti, where the populace speak using a form of telepathy, regarding vocal speech as anathema, the world of Vitore slowly unfolds within the tale.
Two innocent children from Earth, Myra and Kyle, taken prisoner by the pirates are seemingly rescued by the locals. But all is not as it seems as they begin a great adventure of discovery while being taught the ways of the world they find themselves marooned upon by the devious Faeldor and then the kindly Dwarf princess Deeppacer.
Imagine Tolkien’s characters in space and you have the basis for M.F Burbaugh’s novella. 
This is a great fantasy story for the young and not so young…

Once Bitten Etc, Etc
After experiencing a vitriolic attack on a public literary forum you would think that once was enough. But no, like the fool I am I got myself involved in another a few days ago. I’m not going to mention either of the sites here except to say that one is allied to a popular book outlet while the other exists as a so called writer’s site. But those who know me and the sites in question will know what I’m talking about.
Why is it that most public forum sites seem to attract complete morons whose whole existence, their very reason for being is to proffer their bile, totally escapes me. The first site not only attacked me personally but also my novel and my editor and publisher. I seriously doubt that any of the contributors had ever read my novel. If they had, and they had made constructive non biased criticism, I should not be writing this article now.
I had my deep suspicions about the second site, so I uploaded a short unpolished first draft of a short story to it. Within hours they took the bait, ripping it to shreds. Now to be fair to the majority of respondents, there were constructive criticisms made. But buried among those were veiled attacks, plus an open invite by one to do the same to anyone else’s efforts in the future – NO THANK YOU!
I’ll stick with legitimate literary sites like Goodreads thank you very much, where readers and authors communicate civilly with one another from now on.
As for ‘public forums’, take it from one who knows – leave them well alone unless you have a death wish…