Skyline – the movie. And they have the nerve to call this gripping Science Fiction?
A reality check for all the superficially shallow among us, this is another pathetic Hollywood remake of an old story, this time bearing a blindingly obvious comparison to H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds”.
Starring nonentity actors drawn from the detritus of the Hollywood pool of available (in this case desperate to be employed) actors, with weak acting and an even weaker storyline, Skyline’s slow start seemingly going nowhere, hardly inspires the mind.
Thank god the aliens arrived to rid the world of these mindless idiots, by harvesting humans for body parts. The trouble is they take ordinary law abiding, hard working and clean living people to!!! Now if only they would appear to rid us of the idiots who conceived Skyline in Hollywood….
While the faces of the actors are vaguely familiar, I can fully understand why no well known actors wanted to be associated with this D grade movie.
The movies only redeeming feature is the CGI effects employed, especially the alien craft as they first appear, and later, the aliens themselves. The rest of the effects are hardly top draw.
I begrudgingly give this movie two stars, both of them for the CGI aliens.
Thank God H.G. Wells is dead. Were he alive today, the Hollywood based film-makers responsible for Skyline would have a major lawsuit to contend with…

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