My Review of "A Sound of Thunder" (2005)

Science Fiction Film – adapted for the silver screen from a short story by Ray Bradbury.
Starring Edward Burns, Catherine McCormack and Ben Kingsley
                                                                                                                              It’s the butterfly syndrome become reality. Change one tiny thing in any given time period and everything changes.
Why? Simply because a frightened panicked fool stepped off the path and in so doing, killed a primitive butterfly, sixty-five million years in the past.
As a consequence of this seemingly minor act, time waves keep on washing over present day Earth changing everything, returning the Earth back to the time when dinosaurs ruled.
Somehow the error has to be rectified.
While Bradbury’s story is highly imaginative with a great premise, sadly the acting in this adaptation leaves much to be desired. But setting aside the cast of nonentities for the moment with the token big named actor (Ben Kingsley) thrown in to attract movie goers, I enjoyed it immensely.
Will I watch it again – yes? But then I am a sucker for true Sci-Fi.
If Ray Bradbury were still alive today, would he enjoy the way the makers of this film interpreted his short story? Who knows…
I give it four stars.

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