Sniper Ghost Warrior PS3

At long last! For the first time in the history of video games, someone has finally produced a game where those of us who like the idea of sniping within a game are catered for.

 Most fps(First Person Shooter) games grudgingly give your character a brief opportunity to snipe at a target. Sniper Ghost Warrior is, as the title suggests, created around a sniper and his spotter. And guess what? This excellent game is not made in the US of A, but in Europe.

The maps are a joy to roam about in. There are none of those annoyingly stupid beat the clock scenarios, except when your character has to beat a hasty retreat on a couple of occasions. Rather in both cases it is beat the bullet.

Another good point is that you have full posture control, meaning that you can crawl on your belly, remaining hidden from the opposition. Most other fps games only allow you to kneel – very annoying and totally incorrect.

I can see this game will not appeal to the idiots who cry foul if you hide from them when playing this online, once that is, the latest hacking attack on Sony is rectified. Thank god someone has finally stopped pandering to those aforementioned idiots.

By the way, if you are wondering why I have loaded the PC link, the reason is simple, the Amazon Associates window only shows it, the Xbox360 version and the PC download – sorry.

2 thoughts on “Sniper Ghost Warrior PS3

  1. This looks like an incredible game!I can't believe I've never heard of it. I've been playing Call of Duty but the tactics are almost completely non-existent in the multi-player mode. It's nothing but a bunch of run & gun twelve year olds with excessive attitude who whine aobout "Campers".I haven't bothered witht the sniper options because the maps really don't support it and the razzing you get from not running around is just too annoying. As a former soldier, I don't like taking crap from some pimple head sitting in his parent's basement with a tray of pizza pops on his lap.I will definitely pick this up, Thanks for posting an excellent review!By the way, was this you?


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