Your Internet Connection

Who supplies your internet connection? Have you ever thought about how much you pay each month?
Most people connect to the internet via a telephone line or by cable, some by the satellite dish for their television reception. While having a home hub in your house may give you the ability to take your laptop with you to any room in the house, it’s not necessarily the cheapest option.
Why not consider a mobile dongle?
If you live in an area where you get good mobile phone coverage, purchasing a monthly contract and a dongle makes financial sense. All a dongle uses is a card, similar to that in your mobile phone. In effect your dongle is a mobile phone.
Yes, most IP’s, dependant on using telephone lines, do offer you free phone calls etc, etc. But are you getting value for money?
All IP contracts have their plusses and minuses. If you are dependent on a phone line or a cable for your connection, you are also paying some form of line charge plus your monthly IP bill.
The only real drawback to using a dongle is that if you exceed your allotted amount of use, they will simply charge you an extra month’s worth. It is daylight robbery, but, the dongle still works out far cheaper in the long run than any other form of IP mechanism at this present moment in time.
Take a moment to seriously think about it. Most of us use our mobile phones far more than the old land line reliant ones. Our disposable income is shrinking daily. So finding a cheaper alternative is not only logical, but also financially sound.
Remember the Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”? Well sign up to using a dongle and you will “Only Pay Once”.
You know it makes sense.

One thought on “Your Internet Connection

  1. Something to think about. I know some people don't bother with a phone line now. Though in power outages, it does have its advantages if you still have an old fashioned phone and even the cell phones are out.


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