I’m going cross-eyed cleaning out my computer

Why oh why in this day and age can’t someone devise a software programme to constantly run in the background, cleaning out all those annoying little bits of unwanted stuff none of us actually want? Why can’t the nerds/geniuses who write computer programmes fix this for all of us? 
At least once a month my laptop starts dragging its heels, slowing down, clogged up with all manner of the computer equivalent of dust and cobwebs. And so I have to click on the ‘Tool’s button’ and drop down to where I find the ‘clearing tool’.
It contains the following headings:
Browsing and Download History
Form and Search History
Site Preferences
And so I highlight the lot and away it goes emptying out all of those pesky bits of info. Once done, I then have to laboriously log myself back into each page I use on a daily basis – why, it seems so counter-productive to my way of thinking?
Browsing and Download History – why would I conceivably want to know that? I already know which sites I look at, I don’t need a whole lot of totally unnecessary entries clogging up the works.
The dreaded Cookie is the province of sad people who live in darkened rooms following every click of a key we all make for marketing purposes.
While I think about it, what use is a Cache except for storing the number of times you have opened up a particular online site? As for Form and Search History, or Site Preferences, do I give a damn – no!
I have enough to contend with operating my laptop every day without going cross-eyed cleaning it out and having to log myself back in afterwards thank you very much.

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