Tagging – love it or loath it?

While the act of tagging someone’s latest book on a publishing site to promote its sales by making people aware of its presence is a good thing, tagging someone on a photograph on any of the social media sites totally eludes me. Why do it? What does it achieve, other than to annoy the person tagged?

It seems to me that tagging someone on a computer, in the belief that it is ‘fun’ is nothing more than an act of vandalism as are the tags we see on the streets of our cities.

The time for the social media sites to limit, or completely ban the use of this annoying pastime is long overdue. An online friend of mine had her name ‘tagged’ on a pole dancing photograph. She is quite understandably angry, and I don’t blame her one little bit!

To all of you childish idiots who believe it is somehow funny to do this, I say cease and desist.

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