Getting Too Darned Big

I read an article earlier today Read Here about Amazon’s latest idea to boost sales of books. While I can understand that they want to shift the vast stocks of ‘physical’ books they have by lowering the book price even more, thereby making it impossible for the other book retailers to compete, what about the hard working writers who authored those books?
Amazon’s market share of the world of e-books is already the largest there is. Yet for something which takes up no physical space on their shelves, merely megabytes on a computer buried somewhere within Amazon’s vast number of storehouses or offices across the planet, they seem to think that every title they have on offer needs to be either simply given away, or offered at US$0.99c.
As for the actual printed books they are planning on virtually giving away next month, I say again, what about the authors of those books. We, the writers, have spent many months, years even, sweating over our pencils, pens, computers, to produce that tale you the reader are about to be given for virtually nothing, mostly earning zero for our effort until it is finally published – in some cases, not even then. But that is another story.
Is this a case of a company getting too darned big for its own boots? 
You decide…

2 thoughts on “Getting Too Darned Big

  1. Here, here Mysti. If the average book reader appreciated just how much of ourselves we pour into our work, I wonder if they would even appreciate the fact, let alone sympathise with us when we complain about how little monetary recompense we get for all that effort – if any at all. 🙂


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