The seasons, they are a changing

With two days to go before September ends, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is still summer. And yet, the last few mornings have been misty and decidedly cool. Yesterday for instance started off with thick mist and cloud cover, and yet by mid-afternoon I was sweltering in summer temperatures (29º Centigrade).
But, once October starts, certainly within the first two weeks, like everyone else in this island nation, I’ll be hunting out my thermals. The seasons are certainly changing but not in the way we are all used to.
Our summers are gradually getting longer and hotter. In some parts of the UK, no rain has been seen for months. Our winters are getting colder. Last winter was particularly cold. We had more snow than most of our younger citizens had ever seen in their short lives. Folk like me remember the years back in the late 1940’s early1950’s when drift snow was the norm. Back then houses were only heated by coal ranges and open fires. No house had double glazing, not that it slows down the escape of heat from inside to the world beyond. But besides acting as a sound barrier, it does help in a tiny way to stop cold coming in.
Why am I wittering on about the weather? God only knows. Perhaps it’s because I could find nothing in today’s news to bitch about. Give me time though, the day is still young(evil laugh).

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