Man Booker Prize for Literature

If there is one literary prize which persists in upholding snobbery within literature it is the Man Booker Prize. Read here

I was watching an interview on the BBC last night with a former publisher, turned literary agent and the boss of England’s largest book selling chain Waterstones.

As far as they were both concerned, whether a book was readable was irrelevant. What a thing to say. What mattered to them was who actually wrote the book that won, rather than whether or not it would be readable and therefore popular.

As it turned out this year’s winner is Julian Barnes a sixty five year old with his novella “The Sense of an Ending”. The snobbish literary critics complained bitterly that this years short list was too ‘low brow’. Well done Julian say I.

To quote Julian – “Most great books are readable. I don’t say I’ve written a great book but when you have read the great canon there are very few until you get to Finnegan’s Wake that you would call unreadable.”

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