Rugby World Cup 2011

New Zealand – Simply the Best
New Zealand 8 – France 7
Within the world of rugby, there is only one competition that truly brings out national pride, and that is the Rugby World Cup.
While the New Zealand All Blacks are arguably the premier team, they had only won it once before back in 1987. Who would have thought they would be playing France, a team who are hardly consistent, in the final. I would have put my money on them playing either Australia, or South Africa.
The game of rugby may have been born in England, but it has become the property of the tough sons of pioneers who now inhabit the Southern Hemisphere, dominated by New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.
Unlike that other game soccer, rugby is a hard physical game, played by fifteen players on each team. While being an aggressive game, like those of us who follow it in the stands or at home watching on television, rugby does not generate violence and hatred off the pitch like soccer does.
In short rugby is by far the most noble of sports, inhabited by gentlemen, unlike the overpaid morons who play, and the hooligans in the stands, which soccer breeds.

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