How Does Your Rating Grow?

For the last three days, I’ve participated in Amazon’s free Kindle download program, giving away several hundred copies of my science fiction space opera “Onet’s Tale”. It finishes tomorrow, Monday the 30th January.
So far 439 copies have been downloaded in the US, together with 139 here in the UK, 6 in Germany and 1 in Estonia.
Having observed this exercise in promotion, it merely reinforces my belief that Amazon’s rating system is a load of old bunkum, which serves no useful purpose whatsoever. 
For instance, how can a book which is being literally given away be rated as a number one best seller – which it became in Germany on Saturday, when only 6 copies were downloaded? The mind boggles! But then again a lot of what Amazon does, completely baffles most of us in the world of words these days doesn’t it.

Hey ho, if nothing else it has been an interesting insight into the mindset of those who love to get something for nothing. And, for a few days, it has felt good seeing so many copies being downloaded across the world. 
There is one thing I can’t help wondering about though. What if all the folk who downloaded their free copies actually had to pay for them? How many would be have been so eager to participate I wonder? Don’t get me wrong here folks, I’m overjoyed that so many copies of my science fiction space opera, now dwell on Kindles and Kindle for PC programs.
Here’s hoping that the folk who did participate in the free download, enjoy reading the product of all my sweat and toil, written back in 2003 and published in 2010. Hopefully they may feel inclined to review “Onet’s Tale”, depositing it on the Amazon site from which they downloaded their free copy. 
After all, its the least they can do, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “How Does Your Rating Grow?

  1. The one part of Amazon Kindle reporting that really gets up my nose Jack, is that free books are listed under SALES! Sales my bum! Then because of this it's impossible to see how many books actually SOLD. You know, like in paid money!As long as Amazon Kindle class a free giveaway as a sale, the more I am suspicious of their end game. If they do not see a difference between a give away and a sale, what does that say about their intentions?


  2. Jack, I wont tell you how many free autographed copies of The Devil Came East I bought and mailed around the World. The only request was a review. I now know it cost the same amount to send a book to England as it does India, and neither of my friends had time for a simple review.So giving away our work doesn't gain us money only the pleasure of knowing it's out there.


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