So, you’ve got a story worth sharing eh?

Like an enormous number of writers out there, I spent years looking for someone who may prove to be vaguely interested in what I had to say when it came to story writing. Then a few years back I met an individual on line who was part of a small press publishing company.

Fine – great! At last I had found a means of getting my story out there along with the rest in the quagmire that is publishing today. The book sold a few hundred copies, mostly ebooks, which was also great. For a first effort from an unknown I wouldn’t have expected much more. At long last, not just myself and my close friends were now able to read it. It got some great revues, which was totally unexpected and much appreciated.

Over the last several months however, I got to thinking. Who is doing most of the work here? The simple answer was me. So, if I was the one doing most of the work, why continue in the same vain, dependant on the vagaries of a publisher’s schedule. Things came to a head recently when I challenged my publisher, which has now resulted in our parting company.

These days with the advent of ebook publishing systems like Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) it makes far more sense to do it all yourself anyway, especially given the steady rise of the ebook over that of its physical cousin. Self publishing an ebook costs nothing when compared to physically printing a book.

And so, within a month or two I shall at long last self-publish the first science fiction story I ever wrote, then I’ll take a look at the rest. Right now I’m busy getting it ready.

More later…

4 thoughts on “So, you’ve got a story worth sharing eh?

  1. Good luck Jack. I am sorry that you feel that your publisher was not doing much of the work. I also understand frustration with scheduling. I have put my own book off for over a year to let others have the slots in the schedule. There are only so many slots and a tremendous amount of work goes into publishing a book in print form. Ebook, that’s not too hard once it’s edited. You will do fine with that. I wish you success with your venture.


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