Getting a good night’s sleep? Make the most of it!


I read an article this morning courtesy of BBC News entitled “The myth of the eight-hour sleep”. Read here 

The article postulates that sleeping for eight hours may be unnatural. Oh yeh? Tell it to the marines feller! When you are very young, your physical activity during the day tires you out, meaning you are guaranteed to sleep for a minimum of eight hours – any parent knows this. As you age and your body changes, so does your sleep pattern. At my age – mid sixties, I find myself waking well before dawn these days. Mind you I go to bed much earlier (8.30 – 9pm), also age related. Plus, I take short naps in the afternoon most days.

Being a fully paid up member of the George Orwell appreciation society, what reading the article immediately brought to my mind, was that some idiot in the not too distant future within the world of big business or far worse – government, will use articles like this to justify extending the working hours of the populace, simply to turn a much larger profit!

People like the article’s author quite frankly should have been hit on the head at birth. Idiotic ideas like this need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice, not reported!

3 thoughts on “Getting a good night’s sleep? Make the most of it!

  1. I agree, Jack. I find it hard to get even a few hours these days. Whereas before I could guarantee a good five to six hours sleep. My problem is if I go too early I wake earlier, which lengthens the day and I get grauchy


  2. People have different sleeping patterns. I need my eight hours. If I sleep less, I'll be unable to concentre or function. If I don't get enough sleep for longer, I'll start to be very grumpy.Some only need 4hours, others 11 and others 8.


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