I’m making a sandwich – want one?

Is there anything more satisfying when lunchtime calls than a sandwich made from fresh ingredients? I think not.

In my own case, my absolute favourite is freshly sliced soft white bread liberally coated with some of New Zealand’s finest Anchor Butter. Next comes the filling. Being a Kiwi through and through, despite where I was born and now live, I love Vegemite.

For lunch yesterday I fancied my second choice, thinly sliced Salami and Camembert cheese. Today I think I’ll have a Bacon sandwich. As I type this, if I’m not careful I’ll be dribbling all over the keyboard. 
To my way of thinking there are no finer sandwiches than either Vegemite, Bacon, or Camembert and Salami, served on soft white bread, except maybe a sandwich filled to overflowing with good old New Zealand made ETA Crunchy Peanut Butter. Shame they don’t sell ETA products here in the UK, I really miss them.
More later…

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