Homeless in the 21st century

In this day and age, despite everything there are still a considerable number of human beings sleeping rough on Britain’s streets Read Here

In a so-called caring country like the UK, ignoring people down on their luck seeking shelter in doorways is nothing short of criminal. Click on the “Read Here” hypertext above for the latest figures. The affluent nations always scream and complain whenever the plight of the poor of other countries is brought to the world’s attention, usually nightly on the television. And yet for some strange reason they completely ignore their own poor. Why? 

It makes me proud – not. Talk about double standards!

More later…

5 thoughts on “Homeless in the 21st century

  1. What really disgusts me is that I read about the problem in a foreign newspaper. Our own news media would rather suck up to the rich than write articles like the one I have placed a hyperlink to. 😦


  2. I work in mental health, where many people subsist on Social Security diability benefits. Usually about $600 a month. To live on. We work hard to help people who come to us in need. I can't tell you how many times we have had people come to us who have no food and shelter, and we find resources to help them. It hurts my heart to think of anyone in this country going hungry or cold. And it seems to be a growing problem in many of the leading countries Jack, not just Britain. The gap between the haves and have nots is getting wider.


  3. Sadly Cath you are completely correct. A lot of total rubbish is spread around that if your on the street, its either because you are a drunk or a drug addict. While some of the homeless undoubtedly do have problems of addiction, increasingly these days the number of people who have been made redundant and wind up on the street is growing here in the UK. Once upon a time they had what most people take for granted. Those who complain about the homeless should realise that we all are one step away from joining them. Lose your income and pretty soon you will lose your home.


  4. I'll just paste part of our discussion from FB: I fail to see why we send so much money overseas to help their starving when we have so many here who are hurting. Same goes with our missionaries. Right here in KY, there are kids going to school hungry every day and people who can't read. People addicted to meth and things that desperately need halfway houses to stay clean.But churches are all too happy to send out people to India, etc.Like a status symbol or something. I'm not saying they don't need it, because they do, but why not take care of our local needs first? I knew of a rehab center in the county we moved from–completely dependent on donations. They sometimes didn't have enough money for their heat and air.And then our local church was sending people to the Phillipines.I took the rehab place some food once, and it was the most wonderful thing. They said they had prayed for peanut butter and jelly, and guess what was in my box?


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