Reading and the modern world

How often have you heard someone say – I love books, but I don’t have the time to read? What a complete load of baloney! 
In this day and age, given the number of electronic reading devices like Amazon’s Kindle, or Barnes & Noble’s Nook, not to mention applications designed for your smart phone there is no excuse.
Millions of commuters use public transport like trains and buses to travel to and from work, whether the journey takes ten minutes or an hour or more, that’s the time when they can catch up on their reading. These days, papers, periodicals and magazines as well as books are all available electronically.
When you hear someone say they haven’t got the time, call their bluff. If you prefer to hold a book, newspaper, periodical or magazine in your hand – buy one and read it!
Truth be told, they can’t be bothered reading, preferring to slob out in front of the television. If they read anything at all, it’s probably the football result on the back page of the gutter press rags.
What example are they setting their children? Get reading!

4 thoughts on “Reading and the modern world

  1. I just can't stand most of the programming on TV now. It seems like the only thing left is 'reality' TV. That's a misnomer if ever I heard one. There is nothing real about what happens on those programmes. Interesting comment about reading on the train. Commute time is one of the reasons cited to explain the recent explosion of eBook adoption in Russia. I usually get an hour or two of reading in each day. When I worked as a construction project manager, I had to fly a lot and tended to read on the plane. Those guys who open their laptops and fiddle with spreadsheets and emails aren't actually working – they just don't know what to do with free time…


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