What’s next on the agenda?

Answer: Glob and co.


Now that the first science fiction tale I ever wrote –Turning Point – is published, I can now concentrate all my time on another writing project. For those of you not in the know, Turning Point is the first of two tales. My previously published novel – Onet’s Tale – actually follows on from TP.
That next project is the anthology – Globular Van der Graff’s “Goblin Tales For Adults”, I have already begun. How long will it be before I publish it? All I can say right now is that it will take as long as it takes; certainly this year, not next.
More later…

Turning Point Published

My latest science fiction novel “Turning Point” is now available as a Kindle ebook at an Amazon outlet near you.

Here is the blurb: 

For thousands of years, man in his arrogance, has believed that he is unique in the cosmos.
During the last decade of the twentieth century, the day finally arrived when a warlike alien species called the Drana returned to our solar system, intent on re-establishing their rule over the Earth once more. The last time they were here they left a subordinate race in charge of our early ancestors. When the Drana moved on to conquer more planets in the name of their emperor, the Khaz began to create a stronghold here on Earth, hopefully large enough to one day challenge the Drana. Over countless centuries all memories of the Khaz and their masters the Drana vanished from the minds of man. However, the Khaz are still calling the shots through a secret government they set up consisting of the world’s political and military leaders, as well as the heads of all the major business cartels.
Meanwhile, our New Zealand born hero Tom is enjoying a well-earned break, hiking through the beautiful mountains of South Westland in New Zealand’s South Island, totally unaware that he is being deliberately drawn to a specific place.
In a valley somewhere in South Westland, artificially hidden from the outside world he meets a dying race of peaceful people from another world called the Nephile, who are hiding from the Drana and falls in love with one of them. Through her and others like her he is made aware that everything we have ever learned or assumed is untrue. He learns that the ancestors of all the various branches of humanity were brought here from other worlds as slaves of the Drana millennia ago.  
After being enhanced, our hero is tasked with bringing in all the other human beings, chosen like him by the Nephile, to be taken back to the valley in New Zealand to form a new species of Nephile/human. While picking up the various groups of humans dotted across the world, his actions inadvertently starts World War Three, days before the Drana return to reclaim the Earth, throwing the Khaz High Command here on Earth into total panic.
How to save the Earth and humanity from this nightmare situation? What kind of earthbound weaponry could possibly defeat the Drana? The battle between the army of resistance fighters, led by our hero Tom, and the Drana in New Zealand’s South Island, ends when a worldwide cataclysmic event set in place by the Nephile living in the hidden valley occurs. Will anyone survive?

Turning Point news

After spending hours yesterday evening, searching through the MorgueFile   I finally came across the above picture entitled Egyptian Woman by Chelle . With Derek Haines help, it has now been turned into the cover you see above.

Meanwhile, I continue re-reading the .mobi file on my Kindle, checking one last long time for errors.

More later…