Dare to Raise Your Head

Every day we read about various people being targeted by those jealous of their success. Until a few days ago I had not experienced it personally. My science fiction adventure novel The Seventh Age became number one on the amazon.co.uk lists for books of its ilk today (26/04/2012). 
Among the reviews on both the American and English Amazon pages for the book you will find a single review, written by two different individuals, commonly referred to as Amazon chat room Trolls, who hide behind pseudonyms of one kind or another. These people live in their bedrooms with nothing but malice on their minds. Personally, I feel sorry for them. What awful lives they must lead.
Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of reviews are written by ordinary people, who either like your work in which case they praise it. Or, if they dislike your work, they say so without resorting to personal attacks. A lot of writers don’t read the reviews written about their work and I can now understand why.
We all know that reviews sell books, even those written by the Trolls. Perhaps someone should tell them that far from creating trouble for the writer, they are actually encouraging the curious to purchase a copy and see what all the fuss is about.

8 thoughts on “Dare to Raise Your Head

  1. All these negative reviews originate from the resident trolls on the Amazon forums who only get free or $.99 books. They delight in hurting sales with bad reviews and these forums do nothing for the writers. I have requested, and so should you, that Amazon close the forums since they are only the hangout of trolls intent on damaging sales.


  2. I sometimes think a book examining what makes a troll tick would make for interesting reading. They are very unpleasant people but what, precisely turns someone into a troll interests me. I guess in many cases it stems from lack of love as a child or other such similar factors. That is not to make excuses for trolls (there are none). There is, however always a reason for someone’s behaviour however twisted that reason may be. Kevin

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