Gettin Old

I hate getting old! When I woke this morning the muscles in my back went into spasm big time. It took me over half an hour to roll out of bed. Just breathing, or moving a millimetre sent me into paroxysms of unbelievable pain. When I did finally manage to get myself into this chair, I dare not move.

I finally managed to phone my good friend Jamie who came round and took charge. After a phone call to the ambulance service, eventually he got a phone call back from my local GP. Three hours after I woke, the medication was ready to be picked up.

Its been about an hour and a half now since taking the pills. The symptoms, while still extremely painful if I move too quickly, are easing just a little. An hour ago, even typing this was impossible.

During my life I have experienced varying degrees of pain from time to time, but this is truly unbelievable. It’s something for you all to look forward to – not!