Can anyone offer a plausible explanation why it is that books which their authors don’t rate do so well?
Both myself, and my good friend and fellow writer Derek Haines, are perplexed to say the least by this conundrum. Both of us have a book that is selling well. Yet in each case, neither of us actually likes the book in question. Derek and I both puzzled over this the other night. Neither of us could come up with one good reason why the books in question were doing so well.
The other thing which totally baffles us is exactly where the books are selling the most copies. In Derek’s case, his book is selling well in the US, while mine is selling the most copies here in the UK.
What is it about these two books that completely grabs the public’s attention and imagination? Which two books am I on about? In Derek’s case it is his Vandalism of Words. In my own, it is The Seventh Age.

5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Maybe you should look at it the other way, what about other books don't make them click? I read you book and it's very good, that and the fact you lucked out with a review from a well know author may explain its success. I have not read Derek's book, it's on my ever growing list, but I suspect it too is a very good book, that and the fact it is permanently free on Amazon as an ebook would explain its success.


  2. I think Rick has hit the nail on the head there Jack. A good review from a well know person goes a long way. However the book must be well written to get that kind of backing.Carol x


  3. Carol and Rick, Well written, or reviewed by a well known author, the fact remains that neither of us particularly like the books in question. Both of us have books we have written which we much prefer and yet they don't sell. Maybe we will never know the reason why… 🙂


  4. One of my most popular stories on line fits this category as it gathers an ever growing fan base, to the extent it will be getting published in the US at Halloween-do I like it? No-I can't stand it. BTW- it has no reviews at all, yet grows in popularity.


  5. Just to clear up any confusion here – neither Derek or myself 'hate' the books in question. We simply don't think they are as good as other works by us, despite their popularity. Neither Derek or myself are complaining about the sales – we are very happy about that, and if you the readers are enjoying them that is fine by us. We both hope you enjoy them. 🙂


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