Say No to Amazon Trolls

If the product of your long hours of hard work is published through Amazon, inevitably you will be sought out and subjected to derision, invective and bile by cowardly nonentities who hide behind pseudonyms in the online ‘Chat Rooms’. I refer to what are generally known as Amazon Trolls.

In a recent landmark case here in the UK, Facebook was ordered to unmask online Trolls, who were delivering their vile attacks upon a seemingly powerless victim. Read this  Trolls to be Unmasked

If an internet giant like Facebook can be made to do the decent thing, then the time is long past for Amazon to be ordered by the courts to do the same thing.

Most of us at one time or another have found an Amazon Troll’s so-called ‘review’ on one or other of our book’s Amazon pages. It’s bad enough when total morons, who cannot even be bothered to check the spelling of their ‘opinion’ before clicking the publish button think they are being clever by writing total claptrap, contributing nothing.

So, come on Amazon, as your source of new books we writers also need protection. Do the decent thing and close down your own brand of internet Trolls. We are all heartily fed up with the opinions of these idiots. Freedom of speech is one thing. Deliberate mindless attacks is quite another.

12 thoughts on “Say No to Amazon Trolls

  1. Jack, perhaps the trolls take issue with your goblin centric writing? Trolls and goblins have never gotten along, and they may have taken notice of 'Goblin Tales for Adults'…Seriously, though – the person who left you a 2 star review on 'Turning Point' has violated Amazon's TOS by leaving a link to his own book at the end of the review.


  2. A.G – is it any wonder most writers don't read the reviews for their books? Re your observation about the two star review, where was Amazon? They should have picked up on the point you make about the 'link'. šŸ˜‰


  3. I think you would be doing that reviewer a favor by clicking the report button. I know you're not the sort who gets into petty flame wars, but you can't keep an eye on your fans 24/7. One of them might take offense and follow the link…Before you know it, you'd have all sorts of nastiness flying back and forth.I don't think Amazon looks for spam reviews. They're too busy tracking down all the wikipedia articles that have been copied and uploaded as 'books'.His claim that he's just leaving 'Constructive Criticism' rings false when you see that his reivew is nothing more than an ad for a competing title.I do read my reviews, but I never respond to them. It would be kind of like a waiter standing over your shoulder while you decide on how much tip to write on the cheque.


  4. I barely have time to write legitimate reviews, much less deliberately nasty ones. It's sad, really, that they have no better ways to spend their time.


  5. Tara, I'm saddened to hear you have joined the ranks of those who are being targeted by these mindless vicious morons. Chin up, you very definitely aren't alone. šŸ™‚


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