A New Nick Palmer Adventure Begins

Ask a hundred writers which part of the process of creating a new story excites them most and you will get a hundred different answers.

In my own case it is where I am right now, establishing, or in this case re-establishing the principal characters and the back story for the sequel to my best selling scifi adventure novel “The Seventh Age” (ASIN: B007QIYIRK), currently available on Amazon in the US, UK and across the world as an ebook only. (Click on its cover in ‘Jack’s Books’ to the right of this post for the Amazon.com connection).

In Seventh I hinted at an ancient library hidden beneath the Sphinx. In this latest story Nick finds out who created it and why, long before the age of the Pharaohs began. That’s all I’m telling you for the moment. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to wait patiently or impatiently depending on whether or not Seventh peaked your curiosity, until I publish it next year.

At the present moment I have adopted “The Forgotten Time” as its working title. As the story progresses that undoubtedly may change. Along with Seventh’s hero, the rebel archaeologist Nick Palmer, his friend David aka Clocked, the author of the blog “Time Reversed”, together with the archaeology loving Ukrainian Mafia boss, Nicolai Mischevski, his loyal lieutenant Kolya Detrenko and Victor the simple Kyrgyz giant who was responsible for Nick and David’s safety in Seventh, they all return for this latest adventure.

More later – if you’re lucky…
PS – Yesterday I received a message from the well known author Robert Bauval, who was kind enough to read, and later review Seventh on Amazon.co.uk, wishing me every success with my new novel. I’ll take his best wishes as a good omen.

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