A Note on my Next Novel’s Progress

I am slowly but surely putting together the sequel to my highly successful novel “The Seventh Age”. This time Seventh’s hero, the rebel archaeologist Dr Nick Palmer heads back to Egypt after the calamitous end of the Earth had successfully been prevented. Currently I am just over 14,000 words into the story.

Unlike Seventh, this story delves into the murky world of Egyptology and its politics. Here for your edification is my latest story’s blurb as I see it at present.

The Forgotten Time
“When one of Aazim’s guards had left the rest of his patrol to routinely inspect the immediate interior as part of his duties while his comrades remained just outside sitting on some of the massive outer granite blocks, smoking and taking a break, his boot inadvertently caught on one of a dozen tripwires that were partially covered with sand, which lay across the floor unseen inside the shadowy entrance. Merely disturbing the tripwire set off the detonator in one of several precisely placed, connected packages of C4, initiating an instantaneous chain reaction of death and destruction.
The immediate result, apart from ending the unfortunate guard’s earthly existence as well as that of the rest of the patrol a few feet away, was the complete collapse of the entrance, already weakened by Vyse’s original explosive entry back in the nineteenth century. Thanks to Dmitri and Gheorgi’s expert knowledge of explosives, the pyramid was once again sealed forever.”
In the world of archaeology, only the brave or foolhardy will ever dare to challenge the establishment and its accepted theories. After saving the Earth and the entire Solar system from total destruction on December, 21st, 2012, Dr Nick Palmer proved his bravery beyond all reasonable doubt.
Now he has another challenge. This time he returns to Egypt to disprove the accepted thinking over who was responsible for sculpting the Sphinx and building the pyramids. Along the way he is joined once again by most of his old team and a few new recruits. In their bid for proof they are subjected to all manner of obstacles put in their path.
Apart from attempted murder, kidnapping and torture, even the environment is hostile towards Nick and his team in his latest adventure. Will he succeed in his quest for the truth about the Sphinx and the pyramids? Find out when you read “The Forgotten Time”.
At this moment in time, nothing regarding my latest work is written in stone.
More later…

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