Revisiting the Old Subject of Reviews

Before you all cry oh no not again, bear with me for a moment.
The whole subject of reviews and whether or not they are to be believed, let alone the type of person who writes them and what their motive is has become the subject of many articles in recent times.
As writers, no matter whether you may be top draw, or like the millions of others like me, occupying a position in the midlist, we are all aware of certain individuals who have deliberately written glowing reviews of their own work while rubbishing their opposition. How many more will be revealed is anyones guess at the moment.
Then there are the sad individuals most of us are exposed to daily on various sites like Amazon, who, while never having written anything of their own, let alone got into print, feel the need to find fault? It couldn’t be that they are just the tiniest bit envious could it?
If, and I do say if, the product of all your hard work has been fortunate to find favour with the great reading public, as sure as eggs is eggs you will be targeted by these jealous creatures. Given the recent exposure of certain authors for their underhand actions, I wonder how many of the one star reviews we midlist writers attract were written by similar people.
One of my novels which has sold extremely well ever since I self-published it back in April, instantly attracted the attention of a few of these petty minded individuals. To say they poured scorn on it would be a major understatement. One went as far as to suggest that judging by his standards of English I must not have got any further than primary school. Another accused me of using bad grammar, while a third summed the novel up as complete unadulterated rubbish.
Well I hate to rain on your egotistical parade here folks but for your information, the book in question is selling steadily. In fact it is fast approaching total sales of two thousand copies and shows no sign of slowing up. I’m proud to say it has occupied a prominent position within the top one hundred best sellers on Amazon for several months. Whether you like it or not, it is being read and appreciated by ordinary folk who like a good tale.
You might kid yourselves into thinking that what you say actually matters by writing one star so-called critical reviews, but who is laughing all the way to the bank? Me and writers like me that’s who!
Do yourselves a favour, quit bellyaching and criticising. Instead, why not write a story of your own which the public will enjoy? Don’t just write for your fellow anal retentives.
Remember this – at the end of the day the vicious views of the pitiful few like yourselves doesn’t matter to anyone other than you. Ultimately, all that does is how the reading public receive the product of all your derision.

4 thoughts on “Revisiting the Old Subject of Reviews

  1. I see your point, but on the other hand, I've been downloading a lot of books lately, self-pubbed, with so many glaring grammatical and spelling errors it is almost unreadable. In those instances, I think its appropriate to criticize the mechanics of the writing if it actually obscures the plot.


  2. You say see the point and yet you don't. You miss the point entirely Anonymous. The real point is that when a successful book is targeted by the one star brigade, it has absolutely nothing to do with grammar or spelling and everything to do with green-eyed jealousy – nothing more than that. 🙂


  3. Real criticism — spelling, grammar (not in dialogue), etc., is fair game for a reviewer. The problem is that jealous, petty "reviewers" who know little and post simply to be hurtful can do real damage to a writer. Of course they know this — that's why they do it. And it's disgusting.


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