Which Market is Best?

Who among us can say with any certainty which nation will take a book to heart? Judging by the way my scifi-adventure story “The Seventh Age” was initially received, when I first launched it via a free download weekend in April of this year, I would have placed a bet that of all the different markets, it would have done best here in the UK, judging by the give away numbers – US 869, UK 2257, Germany 23, Spain 3.
Boy was I ever wrong! Instead, it is the United States of America where it has become most popular. 
Currently, according to Amazon.com, Seventh sits as follows:
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,001 Paid in Kindle Store.
#38 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > Adventure.
#54 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Adventure.
Whereas here in the UK, Amazon.co.uk currently places it at: #27,838 in the Paid in Kindle Store section, not even making it into the Top One Hundred unlike the US.
Thanks mostly to the good people of the USA and also India, Seventh has now sold 2646 copies as of today (October 3rd, 2012). 
Last month, it sold 947 copies in the US, while only selling 6 here in the UK.
Already this month, the US/Indian market has bought 82 copies, while the UK has bought a paltry 2 by comparison.
One thing is abundantly clear. The book’s overriding theme obviously appeals to the average American far more than that of my countrymen.
Hopefully, when I publish its sequel, “The Forgotten Age” later this year, or more likely in the New Year, it will also do well in the US. Whether or not it will appeal beyond America’s shores, I would not care to predict.

5 thoughts on “Which Market is Best?

  1. I think you and I are on the same wavelength today Jack. While your sales of Seventh are reported as US and India, it impossible to know for sure where the sales come from. The US store is accessed by so many other countries. When I buy your book from here in Switzerland, it will be recorded as a US sale. As far as India is concerned, Amazon don't give any breakdown, so it's impossible to know if you have sold one or a hundred books there.


  2. If your book is NOT on the Select program it will get 35% royalty in India rather than 70%. That means you should be able to identify Indian sales on your sales reports.Odd about the number of downloads in the UK/US That's exactly what we experienced. We expected more sales in the UK following freebie giveaways. After an initial surge it's settled down to most of our sales being in the US.


  3. Thank you Jack , I just finished reading The Seventh Sign and enjoyed the hell out of it . The concepts you tackled were amazing as well as the explanations you found for them . Creating a humanly believable alien character was a stroke of genius and her depth of character is inspiring . I am part of a publishing team in the U.S. and wondered if I may be so bold as to establish a dialogue with you ?Sincerely Gordon Wulffg.wulff1@gmail.com


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