Speak out at your peril, or so it would seem!

While catching up with what my Facebook writer friends were saying today, one post caught my attention.

It appears that an individual of my acquaintance has been deliberately targeted on Goodreads by what he refers to as a troll, despite the fact that he knows the person involved. Apparently his nemesis has systematically rated all of his books with one star, in the hope of reducing the said writer’s rating within Goodreads.

Not knowing the relationship between the protagonists I do not know why he has been subjected to such an attack. However, my friend does tend to sound off with his forthright views – he’s well know for it. Maybe that is why he is being attacked. Don’t get me wrong here, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being vocal, after all its part of freedom of speech, a right we all share. But for him to be deliberately attacked in this way is just plain wrong! According to one other writer I know, our friend is not the only one this particular individual has targeted on Goodreads. He has done it to two others as well.

While we all know that Amazon is loath to do anything about their trolls, surely Goodreads having been informed of the situation by someone other than the target will at the very least censure the attacker? I wonder if Goodreads or Amazon come to that, would merely stand by choosing to do nothing if the victim were an author belonging to the stable of one of the big six publishing houses – I think not…

4 thoughts on “Speak out at your peril, or so it would seem!

  1. Jack I don't know that person. But if Yezall and Al are also getting targeted in the same way this may be related to Bookrix. This is clearly someone trying to game the goodreads rating system. I was also contacted by goodreads for tell some off the wall troll to piss off when they reviewed my book "Phospheindz" and presumed to have great insight into the inner workings of my psyche and proceeded to judge my writing from that delusional perspective. they in turn got some others to whine to goodreads about it. I in turn warned goodreads that trolls are not to be tolerated or catered to in any way or it will be the ruin of goodreads.


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