The Next Age

The Next Age 2

To all my loyal readers.

I’ve just sent pre-publishing copies off to my beta readers this morning. Regardless of how long they take to read it’s 28,000 words, my new, exclusively eBook, pure science fiction novella The Next Age will be available at an Amazon outlet near you in seven days from now.

Including today – Wednesday, the second of October, that’s next Tuesday – October the eighth.

Not long to go now folks. Be patient for just a little longer…

PS – If you are thinking that rather than pay a mere US $2.99 for a copy, you will get one for nothing – sorry but it won’t happen. The Next Age will not be offered in a free giveaway anytime soon. If you are wondering why, its simply that free offers are where the writer hating internet trolls get their copies from. If they wish to vent their spleen, then they will have to pay for the privilege just like everyone else… 😉

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