Coming Soon

Grandfather goblin    Grimefleet Binglenook aka Bingle, last of the elder goblins.

For those of you who were kind enough to purchase, and hopefully read, a copy of me fantasy anthology – Globular Van der Graff’s Goblin Tales for Adults set in the southern woods of Goblindom, I am about to write it’s prequel after being urged to do so by lovers of Glob’s tales.

One character, Bingle (shown above), is the last survivor of the Battle of Blaxhorn during the period known throughout Goblindom as ‘The Time Before’. In those days the Goblin tribes were united under the leadership of their naked queen Persephone Witchclaw.

Writing it should keep me busy for several months. At the moment I’m still gathering information and re-acquainting myself with Goblindom and its inhabitants. Meanwhile Graham Christopher aka The Story Reading Ape is busy working on the cover.

More  later…

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