Skyrim V – The Elder Scrolls. Legendary Edition.


My current heroine Abbey

Skyrim V has to be my favourite role-playing/first person PS3 game of all time. I love the fact that unlike most games these days, you are not restricted to where you can go. Nor are you obliged to complete the few main quests.

Having said that, unfortunately you have no choice but to complete the first section of the ‘Dragonborn’ quest, which is a real pain in the backside. The same goes for the ‘Thieves Guild’ quest unless you do as I do. I deliberately avoid one particular character in the city of Riften’s marketplace. Unless you really wish to become involved with a group of assassins, the Dark Brotherhood, do not allow any guard in Windhelm to talk to you.

You can just rack up all these quests for later should you choose to do so. But it is a peculiarity of my particular PS3, that it begins to struggle after I have passed level 20. How does this manifest itself? Simple – excessive load times. Or, it stalls. Or, it appears to hibernate from time to time.

Then there is my particular pet hate, the endless speech repetition. Whenever you pass a character or enter a shop, they always say the same darned thing. Surely when the good people at Bethesda were putting the game together, they could have entered a command line in the software to stop the repetition.

Despite these drawbacks, I absolutely love the game. I hope and pray that there will be a PS4 version brought out soon…


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