The Best Seller That Almost Was


Ive reworked this massive tome – all one hundred and ninety-seven A4 pages (102,200 plus words) of it. It took a few months to correct everything my former professional editor (so-called) missed!

Back in 2010, before I saw the light and became an Indie, my first officially published book Onet’s Tale – a Science Fiction Space Opera, appeared courtesy of a small press based in the USA. At the time I was over the moon that one of my works was finally available via Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback versions. Back then, like a lot of writers new to the game, I seriously thought, “At last, I am finally on my way!”

Sadly the book is no longer available even though it still features on Amazon. Why? Because inevitably the time came when the chief editor who is also the senior partner in the company and I fell out. From my point of view it was all about his company’s lack of advertising. I suspect that from his, it was that I flatly refused to doff my metaphoric cap in his presence, and be grateful for whatever crumbs he deigned to give me.

To cut a long story short, part of the contract termination deal dictated by him was that Onet’s Tale would no longer be available for purchase.

Now you know why I became an ‘Indie’.

Still interested? Here are its reviews:-

5.0 out of 5 stars Onet’s a Great Storyteller, February 2, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Onet’s Tale (Paperback)
Imagine slaving in a mine on a distant planet, where each swing of your pick throws poisonous dust into the air that will kill you in a few months time from breathing it. This is where “Onet’s Tale” opens, but it doesn’t stay there long. This epic sci-fi tale from Jack Eason includes a large cast of characters from various planets, including the human/nephile Akhen and Khan, who is a Drana. Once enemies, the two band together to escape the mine and start a rebellion that eventually leads to a war that spans years and galaxies.The story itself is narrated by Onet, who happens to be a Khaz. Think little gray alien guy that might land in Area 51. Except Onet is albino and has red eyes. He’s watching all this unfold, waiting for his chance to stop the evil that his own kind started, which spread through a goddess-type being called Shu, and continued through her horrible creations of berserker warriors.Murder, war, and mayhem reign throughout this book, while the main characters try very hard to live normal lives. Their efforts are always ripped out from under them, and I sympathized with the tortuous events they lived through. On the other hand, I kept wishing for more character depth. I’m really partial to character-driven novels, and this one seems mostly plot-driven. For me, I would have liked to have been inside the characters’ heads more, really feeling what they feel.If you like sci-fi packed with battles, futuristic weapons and modes of transport, you’ll like “Onet’s Tale”.
4.0 out of 5 stars Fast paced action – an epic odyssey, February 15, 2011
Paula Boer (Badja, NSW, AU) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Onet’s Tale (Paperback)
Wow! Hang on tight for a roller coaster ride. This novel moves at such a fast pace it’s like you’re on one of the spaceships. There is so much in it, it could easily have been expanded to three trilogies! The story line is great, and the characters good though lacking a bit in definition. As always in these types of stories I find it hard to remember who everyone is from the unusual names. Where there is detail, it is fantastic, but I would have liked a lot lot more.
5.0 out of 5 stars An epic tale, December 9, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Onet’s Tale (Paperback)
This is grand tale. The tone is that of a storyteller recounting the past. There are a host of characters caught up in intrigue, action and a fascinating story that spans worlds. A struggle against all odds in an epic battle for survival. An excellent read.
5.0 out of 5 stars A New Journey, June 29, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Onet’s Tale (Kindle Edition)
Onet’s tale truly takes you into a new journey of adventure new characters and keeps you wanting to read more and more. I recommend this novel to any Sci-Fi reader who enjoys good story telling and wants to get lost in new worlds and exploration. The Author did an amazing job in creating a new adventure for all of us to enjoy
5.0 out of 5 stars When life is threatened, the only option is survival., May 21, 2010
This review is from: Onet’s Tale (Paperback)
”A triumph of modern science fiction. A wonderful story of Fantasy anchored by Science”.This is the first work by Jack Eason to be published and yet this book has the feel of a seasoned Author. The consideration and detail in which Onet’s tale is written never allows the reader to wonder about anything for too long. Every plot twist, each character and every action they take is just one small brush stroke of a much larger painting. All actions have consequences and all consequences are vital to the story. The web of intrigue, spun so subtly by the Author, unravels with each turn of the page. The bigger picture only begins to come into focus when all the other pieces are in place.
I find it very difficult to say exactly what Onet’s Tale is about, because it isn’t solely about one thing. The story has many leading characters and many different reasons why each would be where they are and why they are a part of the story. I could condense the entire story to just a few words..”A tale about the struggle for survival againts all odds”..but this doesn’t do it justice.
The battle for survival isn’t confined to just one person, nor even to an entire species. It encompasses all life in both this world and in many others that wish to live without fear and oppression. A species that come from further away than most can imagine are hell bent on the complete annihilation of all others, forsaking none. The ensuing struggle spans the face of our galaxy and the lives of each and every living being within it.
The fate of future history is in the hands of a reluctant few. Out numbered and out gunned, the battle begins.

For any of you Science fiction addicts out there who would like to read it for free, leave me a message here, not forgetting to include your email address and I will send it to you in .PDF form.

Should it have become a best seller? I’ll leave that for you to judge…

PS – Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape is currently reading his copy.Β  πŸ˜‰

PPS – I’m currently reading through it for the first time since it was published in 2010, I simply cannot believe the number of ‘editing errors’ that my former editor failed to note before allowing it to be published. So much for his assertion that he was/is a professional editor – Hey ho…

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