4 thoughts on “Forget GPS: Medieval Compass Guided Vikings After Sunset

    • What I meant was blowing the Hollywood created myth apart. I refer to the 1958 movie ‘The Vikings’, starring Kirk Douglas, Ernie Borgnine,Janet Leigh, and Tony Curtis, protraying the Vikings as nothing more than mindless cretins, intent on bloodshed. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just think how far they travelled. From North America to Constantinople. Not forgetting most of northern Europe, in particular Russia. Yes they were tough warriors when they needed to be. But they were also excellent businessmen and women. Just read up on York’s (Jorvik) history. just because the clerics at the time of the various Viking raids on this country, paint them in a dark light, doesn’t make it so…


  1. Strange thing history a film company comes along and makes their own slant on things and all of a sudden reason goes out of the window. The Vikings are more about draging England into the modern world than we give them credit for. Everyone talks about the Romans but our roots lie in different directions nothing to do with hollywoods version so you tell em Jack I have never seen a film that paints a true historical picture and I dont think we could stomach the things our ancestors went through. I dont personally class them as my ancestors now Martians well thats a different planet……


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