The Next Age

This is the latest in my ‘Age’ series:-

Prepare yourselves for a wild ride as you read about an apocalyptic possible alternative future for mankind. The Next Age follows our fight for survival in the thirty-second century. It’s not too late. We still have time to change our ways. This story need not become a reality…

For countless millennia we swallowed the myth perpetrated by the world’s many religions that we were the only sentient species in the cosmos made by an all-powerful God. As it turned out it was an arrogant belief. In the twentieth century, during the period known as the Cold War, between America and its allies versus the former Soviet Union and its acolytes, we revealed our existence to the universe by launching two probes into deep space. The whole event passed into history and was completely forgotten until the thirty-second century, when mankind got a wake-up call that none of us were prepared for…

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The Next Age.

For God’s Sake Look Inside!!!


I’ve often wondered how many readers actually bother to research a book before buying it, especially when it comes to eBooks. What do I mean by that? Most eBook outlets have some form of ‘Look Inside’ option, allowing you to read the first few pages of any given book. In other words you can decide whether or not it is a book you would wish to purchase and read in full. This function is specifically designed for the use of potential readers to take a sneaky peek.

It is clear that some of you don’t use the feature. As writers we all see the sales figures. With Amazon’s Kindle system, there is a ‘Units Refunded’ section. Like most of my fellow writers, from time to time I see the odd one or two ‘returns’ appear there.

Getting back to the subject – think about it for a moment; when you visit an actual book store, you wouldn’t simply buy a book without looking inside, or because of it’s cover now would you.

Well would you?

There are some people who are persuaded by a cover and buy the book because of it, no matter whether or not the story contained within its pages is worth reading. Why they do it is a total mystery to me. As writers we are constantly being browbeaten by certain individuals within the world of words who firmly believe that a cover sells the book.

What complete balderdash!

If you are a truly dedicated book lover and being completely honest, what sells it to you is the story and the way it was written, not a garish cover.  So, the next time you are perusing Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc for a book to read, do yourselves a favour when looking for an eBook, for gods sake use the Look Inside option!!!

The Forgotten Age

This was the sequel to The Seventh Age where Nick Palmer once again sets off on an adventure. This time to find the library of the ancients.

In the world of archaeology, some things are just not meant to be. Only the brave or foolhardy will ever dare to challenge the establishment and its accepted theories. Previously, Dr Nick Palmer had proved himself beyond any reasonable doubt by saving the Earth and the entire Solar system from total destruction on December, 21st, 2012, enabling humanity’s seventh age to begin.

Now it was time to upset the academic world once and for all. He returns to Egypt to find the fabled library of the ancients to disprove the blinkered thinking over who was responsible for sculpting the Sphinx as well as establishing the true purpose of the pyramids. Along the way he is joined once again by most of his old team and a few new recruits. In their bid for proof they are subjected to all manner of obstacles put in their path.

Apart from attempted murder, kidnapping and torture, even the environment is hostile towards Nick and his team in his latest adventure. Will he succeed in his quest for the truth about the Sphinx and the pyramids? Find out when you read “The Forgotten Age”.

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The Forgotten Age.

The Seventh Age

The Seventh Age is the first in my ‘Age’ series. Because of its topic, it sold in its tens of thousands back in 2012, attracting what can only be described as malicious reviews from envious armchair critics on Amazon…

Rebel archaeologist Nick Palmer experiences an almost unnoticed event at Stonehenge during the summer solstice celebration of 2011, which he attends along with hundreds of others, that worries him greatly. He is made aware through a blog, of a sinister organization known as the ‘Order’, that are seemingly bent on preventing his every move to discover the reason behind the worrying event.

During his voyage of discovery, Nick is tracked across the world by an enigmatic entity that has been trapped here on Earth for over twenty-five thousand years, awaiting the discovery of the event by what she refers to as a ‘surface-dweller’. Together with her and the few people he trusts implicitly, they set out to prevent the alarmingly inevitable catastrophic conclusion that will affect not only the Earth, but the whole Solar System’s very existence.



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The Seventh Age.

Writing World

A few hard won gems for anyone starting to write…

Have We Had Help?

I know I’ve banged on about this in the past, but entering the world of the written word is not for the faint hearted. No matter which path you choose, be it traditional or self-publishing, the hills you climb and the inevitable obstacles you negotiate your way around are the same for either choice.
Looking at it from the viewpoint of someone who self-publishes, there are no gatekeepers, agents and copy editors’ etcetera to lean on, nor any to take what you have written off your hands and hopefully turn it into a winner. How the product of all those long months you spent conceiving that book, and whether or not you use a professional editor as well as utilizing the talents of someone versed in the art of setting the manuscript up for publishing, or do it all yourself, in the end is entirely up to you. As for…

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Onet’s Tale




This 150,000 word science fiction space opera which I wrote while on holiday in New Zealand in 2003, follows on from Turning Point. Unfortunately, owing to an acrimonious split with the publisher, it is no longer available. However, should any of you still wish to read it, I have the original pre-edited manuscript with all of its spelling mistakes etc available as a .PDF file. Just leave me your email address as a comment.

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Onet’s Tale.

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