For God’s Sake Look Inside!!!


I’ve often wondered how many readers actually bother to research a book before buying it, especially when it comes to eBooks. What do I mean by that? Most eBook outlets have some form of ‘Look Inside’ option, allowing you to read the first few pages of any given book. In other words you can decide whether or not it is a book you would wish to purchase and read in full. This function is specifically designed for the use of potential readers to take a sneaky peek.

It is clear that some of you don’t use the feature. As writers we all see the sales figures. With Amazon’s Kindle system, there is a ‘Units Refunded’ section. Like most of my fellow writers, from time to time I see the odd one or two ‘returns’ appear there.

Getting back to the subject – think about it for a moment; when you visit an actual book store, you wouldn’t simply buy a book without looking inside, or because of it’s cover now would you.

Well would you?

There are some people who are persuaded by a cover and buy the book because of it, no matter whether or not the story contained within its pages is worth reading. Why they do it is a total mystery to me. As writers we are constantly being browbeaten by certain individuals within the world of words who firmly believe that a cover sells the book.

What complete balderdash!

If you are a truly dedicated book lover and being completely honest, what sells it to you is the story and the way it was written, not a garish cover.  So, the next time you are perusing Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc for a book to read, do yourselves a favour when looking for an eBook, for gods sake use the Look Inside option!!!

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