Complaints and Reviews

Yet another example of a writer being taken to task by by the ill informed and pedants…


I’m just back from a trip to Belstone, talking on video about BELLADONNA AT BELSTONE. And while talking about BaB, I was struck by some of the things that stick in my mind.
It’s not the usual old rant. There are people, generally, who love to point out errors in an author’s research, for example. I’ve spoken about these lovely folks before. Some of them are well-meaning. I well remember the very pleasant lady who told me that my modern language in one novel really did put her off.

Looking past the for Looking past the for

Now, I could wax lyrical about language. After all, if I were to be accurate, and I mean really accurate, I would have to write in a mixture of Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Norman French, Celtic, and God knows what else. And to be really authentic, I’d have to write on vellum. In ink, of course. One copy at…

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