A New Character

Sage words 🙂


It is always hard to invent stories. First, you have to invent people, who have to feel real, well-rounded characters with lives and motivations of their own. Then you have to create a world in which they can live, and infuse that with logic and atmosphere. Finally, you need to take those people (and the readers) on a journey in which the people can show their innermost feelings, live through excitement and danger, and experience life to the full … ideally.

This is all why I’ve spent my entire career working with the same people. No, ye Gods! Not editors! In twenty years I have worked with a total of ten editors! (No one wants to work with me for long, clearly!)

No, I mean that I have worked with a limited number of characters in my stories, in my books and (alarmingly) in my head. Baldwin and Simon were…

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