I’m Constantly Being Astonished …

Beware of con artists!!!


Okay, so I used to be a salesman. And now I’m a writer, which means I’m still a salesman.

There are many rules about salesmanship. One is, that you spend a little time thinking about your potential client and make the best pitch you can based on his or her needs. You use all kinds of basic concepts to build up your specific benefits and convert them into real, creative advantages for the punter. It’s not rocket science. A salesman has to get inside the head of the buyer first and understand what makes that buyer tick: what does the buyer want for him/herself, what do they want for the business – everything. Only when you can understand the buyer can you understand how to best promote your own products and services.

It ain’t rocket science.

Which is why the two emails I just received are so bloody depressing.


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