If there is one particular category within society whom I loath and despise, it is the poseur. The Oxford English Dictionary defines them thus:  Poseur. a person who behaves affectedly in order to impress others. It should also add that most poseurs think they are a cut above their fellows!

I cannot speak for nations other than my own, but for every poseur here in the UK, I guarantee you can find similar examples in your own lands. Just take a long hard look at your so-called leaders and other assorted self-important individuals within society. Most if not all within politics fall under the dictionary definition of the word.  Anyone who honestly believes that their elected member of parliament, irrespective of whether they are in government or in the opposition, are there for the good of the voters is seriously deluding themselves.

All politicians are nothing more than power hungry, social climbing, poseurs! Here in the UK, many of our social commentators also qualify.


Ed Miliband (Labour), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat) and David Cameron (Conservative)




13323-Will_Self_Reading_-1660-EditBesides politics, poseurs are to be found in many institutions. Here in the UK, the British Broacasting Corporation (BBC)  and our leading newspapers also have their fair share. For example, take the novelist and journalist William Woodward Self. To say that he believes his own PR would be a major understatement. Yes he is the author of nine novels, five collections of shorter fiction, three novellas and five collections of non-fiction writing. But does that give him the right to lord it over the nation – to talk down to us? OK, so he attended university gaining a Bachelor of Arts. So what? BA’s are ten a penny!

Yes he was the winner of the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize in 1991, together with the Aga Khan Prize for Fiction in 1998 and the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize 2008.  Once again, so what? Does that make him superior in any way?


My final example is Jeremy Dickson Paxman, the broadcaster, journalist and author – a man who despite his humble Yorkshire beginnings, gives the impression of someone born into the upper middle class. Until recently he ran a weekly television programme on the BBC where he mercilessly tore apart his guests. To say that Paxman is a thoroughly nasty piece of work would be putting it midly. Like Self, Paxman and the majority of our current crop of politicians all attended university and believe their own PR.

What really gets to me and countless others here in the UK is that these individuals all believe that they are somehow the country’s elite, superior to the ordinary man or woman on the streets. Most if not all of them are paid exhorbitant salaries, in Paxman’s case it fits into the seven figure bracket – not bad for a common or garden television commentator!

These are just a small sample of this country’s poseurs. There are many, many more out there…


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