Christian in Iran to have his lips burnt for eating during Ramadan

Christian Man has lips lips burnt


This is the twenty-first century not the middle ages, and yet the stealthy spread of radical Islam continues. Will the West ever wake up? Maybe only when Mosques dominate the skylines of London and New York. Ignoring it as our politicians are, hoping it will fade away, won’t make it stop. This is the payback for the Crusades. Islam has a long memory. It’s been a long time coming…

What happened here is nothing short of barbarism!

Christian in Iran to have his lips burnt for eating during Ramadan.

5 thoughts on “Christian in Iran to have his lips burnt for eating during Ramadan

    • I think you are missing the point here Helsworth.Yes gunning down a young girl is horrific. Of that there is no doubt.
      But when someone is barbarically punished for eating during Ramadan, and that person is a non-moslem, I say it is totally unacceptable!!!
      Are moslems prevented from observing Ramadan in western countries? No. Are they punished in any way shape or form for their religious beliefs and customs? No.
      The victim is an Iranian Christian. Either he is extremely brave or stupid for practicing his religion in his home country…


      • Sadly, the article doesn’t provide us more context. Were these people, including the christian dude, seen by someone who “told the cops on them”? Were they given a lawyer? Or were they taken before a judge without due process? Not that it really matters vis-a-vis the end sentence; just wanted to know what the judicial process actually was – if there was any…
        Yes, it is barbaric. I remember a story on Saudi Arabia, in which the police didn’t allow firefighters to rescue several girls trapped in the burning school because they weren’t wearing the traditional garb – instead, they were wearing “western” clothes. Thus, the girls died. And that’s in Saudia Arabia, an ally of the US; which is not a de jure theocracy, unlike Iran.
        So yeah, it’s crazy. I blame the british and the yanks for overthrowing Mosadek. They replaced him with the Shah – and afterwards, the revolutionaries replaced them with the Supreme Ayatollah. What’s even worse is that, to my knowledge, the people are forbidden to read the Quran for themselves. They have to attend sermons to hear others read (and interpret) from it. Naturally, they interpret according to the party-lines.
        I wouldn’t say the christian is stupid or brave. I say all the muslims in there are stupid for living under such an oppressive regime. The commies, at least, didn’t tolerate dissent. They didn’t force you to fast according to old superstitions; and they didn’t tell you not to fast either, if that was what you wanted to do.


      • All I can make out from trawling the internet is that the man was accused and convicted under strict Sharia Law. No law courts, lawyers etc involved. Just extremely powerful mullahs handing out their medieval form of justice. In a lot of ways it is similar to the justice handed out by the Inquisition in Spain under Tomas de Torquemada (Circa 1420–98), the Spanish cleric and Grand Inquisitor. The real problem is that the mullahs still act as if they were living in the fifteenth century…


  1. Well, they are using ancient/medieval superstitions/dogmas to enforce their rule – so if it was efficient for those times, it’s efficient for the present as well. They should have opposed the revoluntionary government’s constitution. If they went out to vote for it, they gladly put on the yoke themselves. As a progressive bloke and a dude, I wouldn’t want to live in such places. And even more so if I were a woman. A shame the muslims didn’t have their own Joan of Arc.


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