The Nirmala Effect by Fiza Pathan

Fiza’s new book!!! I just bought my copy…


The Nirmala Effect

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My first novel which has just been released titled ‘Nirmala: The Mud Blossom’ was an accident. I had no intention of writing this story, let alone framing and formatting it into a novella. Yet when I pass the many filthy slums of Mumbai surrounding sky rise buildings and towers…I think to myself that maybe my character Nirmala and I both were accidents. Nirmala, was tossed into a dustbin because she was a girl…I was sent home to my mother’s family because I was a girl. Nirmala and I are two really different people and I can’t understand how I managed to write about her in the first place.

Do I empathize with Nirmala? Maybe…Do I sympathize with Nirmala? Maybe…but one thing is for sure. Nirmala got me thinking about reality, the reality that girls in India are not wanted…Nirmala and I both were not wanted.

Many people…

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8 thoughts on “The Nirmala Effect by Fiza Pathan

  1. Jack, thank you for sharing this. This is precisely the kind of book I like to read and it is also the kind of book I like to write. I am off to look for it & hoping I can find it in 3D book format. Still don’t have Kindle or any other e-book devices.
    Thanks again for shedding light on a new author as well as shedding light on an issue where little light has ever shown.
    Best of luck to you, Fiza!


    • We all hear on the news about the way girls are treated in some parts of India Sherrie. Having just read the first chapter of young Fiza’s book, two things spring to mind – 1. What an awful life her heroine lives. 2. Fiza doesn’t pull any punches, she literally tells it like it is for so many young girls in India.

      I defy anyone not to be touched by Nirmala’s story…

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